There are a huge number of hospitals in India. Each day uncountable number of disabled persons visits these hospitals. Mobility aids such as wheelchair and stretcher are useful for transportation and as a replacement for walking in outdoor and indoor environment. Transferring the patients from ambulance to stretcher or wheelchair / wheelchair to stretcher / stretcher to wheelchair / wheelchair or stretcher to the medical bed / medical bed to wheelchair or stretcher is always an issue for any
family members or attendant or helper. These situations are unsafe for patients. There is a need to find issues regarding the current mobility equipments and solve these issues or introduce a better design. An ambulance stretcher cum wheel chair is a good solution for the problem mentioned above. This will be an asset for the medical field and a helping hand for disabled persons. Here we are developing a system which is capable of converting a wheelchair to a stretcher and vice-versa and
can be easily transferred to an ambulance. The system when in stretcher form will also be able to be adjusted to get various slanting positions.

To design and fabricate a wheelchair that can be converted to a stretcher. The design should be ambulance friendly. It should be simple and compact. The structure should take a load of about 120Kg. The wheelchair should be adjastable to different inclinations. The whole structure should be foldable for easy transportation. It should provide maximum comfort to the patient. The product should be cost efficient.