Connect Globe: Common Platform to Share the Common People Experiences

It provides a common platform to share the common people experiences, informations and harrashments all over the world and people can discuss on any topic created by only registered user. Moreover, he/she can give the advice on any topic or report.

Functional Requirements

1. Admin

  1. Can create and post the topic to be discussed and report respectively after getting logged in!
  2. Can delete any report which looks like abusive matters.
  3. Can view all reports and topics to be discussed and can search reports for each police station.
  4. Can help in any report to proceed it further and can give it to the media.
  5. Can view the previously posted comments and post a comment on each report or topic

2. Common People

  1. Can view all reports posted by others after getting logged in!.
  2. Can search the report of each police station.
  3. Can view the previously posted comments.And post a comment on each report or topic.

Front End and Back End

  1. Front End: JSP, JDBC, Javascript, AJAX
  2. Back End: MySql