TTPL was incorporated to manufacture Titanium Dioxide pigment from ilmenite, a mineral abundantly available in the beach of the South Kerala, in collaboration with British Titan Products Limited (now known as Huntsman Tioxide). Titanium dioxide is manufactured by the sulphate process from ilmenite, which is a mixture of Titanium dioxide and iron oxide, is reacted with sulphuric acid and disintegrated into ionic state in solution. The titanyl-sulphate on hydrolysis gives hydrated titanium dioxide, on calcination at elevated temperature the hydrated titanium dioxide is transformed into crystalline form. Titanium dioxide used is widely in various industries such as plastic industry, printing applications, rubber industry, paint industry etc. TTPL has a new neutralisation plant with water recycling facility as part of effluent treatment process. As a result, two types of gypsum namely red and white are obtained as by-product. Red gypsum is used as substitute of soil in several land filling application. White gypsum is used in (several application such as) cement industry. The white gypsum produced by TTPL industry contains around 40-60% moisture, while the cement industry requires below 20%. So a drying system for gypsum is necessary. So our project is mainly aim to find a method to convert this by-product into useful product.

 The objective of this project is to convert the by-product from the titanium
dioxide manufacturing process to useful by-product.
 To conduct a detailed chemical analysis of the by-product.
 To design a suitable system for conversion of the same.
 To make various construction materials like partition walls, bricks…etc.
 To conduct strength test and water absorption test of the construction