Customer Relationship Management of TVS Company

Marketing is used to identify the customer and keep the customer. With customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded the marketing management is one components of business management. The term marketing concept hold the archiving organizational goal depends on knowing the needs and wants of target market delivering the desired satisfactions. It proposes that in order to satisfy its organizational objectives. on organization should anticipate the needs and wants of consumer and satisfy these. More effectively than competition   

Consumer behavior study is based on consumer buying behavior with the customer playing three distinct roles of user, payer and buyer. Relationship marketing is an influence asset for customer behavior analysis has it as taken interest in the re discovery of true meaning of marketing through re-affirmation of the importance of customer. A greater importance is also plated on consumer retention, customer relationship management, personalization customization and one to one marketing social function can be categorized in to social choice and welfare function. Marketing provide service in order to satisfy customers.

The study is performed at smart motors, wandoor, a tvs dealer in Malappuram District in order to study the customer relationship management and the satisfaction of the consumer its main aim is to understand the customer relationship management in smart motors and the consumer satisfaction. Convenience sampling method with structured questionnaire was used under the study to collect data from the various customers. This study also tries to know the customer satisfaction in buying a bike and service provided.


It’s very difficult to exist and grow in the current competitive environment for manufacture in an automobile industry.  Today marketers are finding different ways to impress customers with various things. In order to achieve increased corporate profitability. Thus a marketer has a clear understanding of his to consumer and behavior. This information will help to understand various techniques used in customer relationship management. This product has a influence on ‘publicity advertisement. In this research has tried to study. The customer relationship management and the satisfaction of consumer with reference to smart Motors  wandoor


The study on customer relationship management and consumer satisfaction has become a significant role in present market condition. Due to the extreme volatility of today’s automobile market condition the marketer are much complexity in customer relationship management and their satisfaction.  they are very much in need of knowing the techniques to their targeted customers so as to deliver better service based on the taste and preference. The ultimate success of any marketing program will depend up on the way the consumer behaves and whether his/her behavior is indicative of acceptance of the product or services offering from the firm. Consumer needs are dynamic, therefore he/she is always looking for something new to satisfy new needs this is the reason why the consumer satisfaction has emerged as a separate research area.


  1. To study about the various customer relationship management techniques adopted by smart motors.
  2. To analyze the effectiveness of customer relationship management techniques of smart motors.
  3. To study  influence of pricing, advertisement etc. in their purchase decision.
  4. To study about the sales and service activities of smart motors.
  5. Measure the level of satisfaction of customer dealing with smart motors.