Increasing the productivity is one of the main requirements of production engineering in any kind of manufacturing industry. Either by reducing the operation time or by improving the capability of the machine to produce the components in an increased number at the same time is very essential for an industry to achieve the same. This project employs the Scotch yoke mechanism in power hacksaw machine which enables it to cut two components at a time thereby improving the productivity. In today’s world time a machine should be less time consuming. Power hacksaw cut one piece at one time so there was a loss in production rate. Double acting power hacksaw overcome this time consuming problem. Power hacksaw is a fine tooth power saw with blade held under tension in the frame. Double acting power hacksaw cuts two materials simultaneously by its scotch yoke mechanism, so the production rate increase twice then that of power hacksaw. Double acting power hacksaw works under by the scotch yoke mechanism. The scotch yoke mechanism convert the rotary motion into the reciprocating motion.

The objective of project is to;

  1. Design and fabricate a model for Double Acting Power Hacksaw.
  2. To get a practical exposure of machine tools and other manufacturing equipments.
  3. To convert rotary motion in to reciprocating motion in a simple harmonic manner
  4. To build a working model which can be fabricated easily using the available tools and machinery.