This paper presents the development of a cyber- physical system that monitors the environmental conditions or the ambient conditions in indoor spaces at remote locations. The communication between the system’s components is performed using the existent wireless infrastructure based on the IEEE 802.11 b/g standards. The resulted solution provides the possibility of logging measurements from locations all over the world and of visualizing and analyzing the gathered data from any device connected to the Internet.

This work encompasses the complete solution, a cyber-physical system, starting from the physical level, consisting of sensors and the communication protocol, and reaching data management and storage at the cyber level. The experimental results show that the proposed system represents a viable and straightforward solution for environmental and ambient monitoring applications.

This software connected using a central server which connects via serial communication to a microcontroller and humidity sensor but here we are not measuring more sensor values. This project is designed to overcome the above mentioned disadvantages, using which the environmental parameters in every greenhouse can be measured. The Parameters settings can be made in two modes i.e. by using push button keys or by GPRS communication mode remotely. A user can know the greenhouse status or control the system at any time by sending the commands through the GPRS technology. This data will be uploaded to cloud server.

Cyber Physical Systems(CPS) are a new research paradigm in embedded systems. Cyber Physical systems are collaboration of physical and computational process. Different types of technologies such as sensing, communication, computation, control, cognition are used to create new technology. Cyber Physical Systems are intersection of different technologies such as real time systems, Distributed systems, control systems and wireless sensor networks.


  • Pentium 4 or AMD or Celeron Processor
  • RAM 512 MB or above
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Hard disk 500GB


  • WAMP – Web Application Server
  • PHP
  • IIS
  • MS SQL – Database
  • Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Spark)