The project titled “FRAUD DETECTION WITH WEB BASED CLAIMS PROCESSING is concerned with developing a web site through which the customer can fill the form online and submit it so that the form is sent to insurance office (IO) through online. The project contains the Admin module, Customer module, Doctor module. The admin module contain the information such as adding insurance type, adding a doctors, View applied customer, forward documents to doctors for medical checkup, view health details from the doctor, approve customer insurance, view insurance details, view claimed customers, forward claimed customer details to doctor for final health checkup, approve claim details.The Doctor module contains information such as view customer of insurance applied, send appointment to customer for health checkup, health checkup entry, view claims and final status entry details.

The customer module contains information such as view insurance type, apply insurance, view appointment status from doctor, adding monthly payment entry, view insurance details, and apply claim insurance, view status. The customer first apply the insurance through customer login. The admin  can view the applied customer details and forward the customer details to the doctor. The doctor view the forward customers details and send the appointments through application, SMS and mail. Finally the doctor can enter the medical checkup details of  the customer and send to the Insurance office.    The main objective of the project is helps to identify the fake customer and fraud documents.  The administrator views the reports such as insurance type, claimed customer details, claimed amount details in customer wise or between two dates.



This section gives the details and specification of the hardware on which the system is expected to work.

Processor                                       :           Pentium Dual Core 1.9 GHz

RAM                                             :           2 GB SD RAM

Monitor                                         :           17” Color

Hard disk                                      :           250 GB

Keyboard                                      :           Standard102 keys


This section gives the details of the software that are used for the development.

Operating System             :           Windows XP Professional

Environment                     :           Visual Studio .NET 2005

Web Technology               :           ASP .Net

Backend                            :           My SQL Server 2000