The project title is design and fabrication of Wearable Chair. It is a
mechanical ergonomic device that is designed around the shape and function of the human body, with segments and joints corresponding to those of the person it is externally coupled with. Its like a chair that isn’t there, but magically appears whenever you need it. The purpose of our design revolves around the concept of enhancing the human body through the use of a lower body exoskeleton. This exoskeleton system is designed to be appropriate mechanism with human lower extremity and it operates synchronously with the human realizes. The aim of exoskeleton system is to provide forces against to external load carried by user during walking, sitting, and standing motions. Although lower body exoskeletons already exist on the market, they still have shortcomings that prevent widespread use among the general public. Our method of achieving our goal consists of splitting up into smaller groups; allowing us to complete work more eciently. The objectives of this project are to study, analyse, and develop a new mechanism that assist the human locomotion, to learn in details about how the lower body exoskeleton works and understand the concepts involved. The concept of this simple chair is when it inactivates; you can walk normally or even run. And then if it active, it locks into place from di erent angle and you can sit down on it. Like a chair that is now there. The device never touches the ground, which makes it easier to wear: a belt secures it to the hips and it has straps that wrap around the thighs. These are specially designed and part of the mechanism.

-Objective of our project is to help people working in industries, standing for prolonged hours.
-Our aim is to fabricate an equipment which helps to sit anywhere without
obstructing the workspace.
-We intend to design the product with completely mechanical components.